Whoever you are, whatever your style鈥ut your heart and soul into it. Be passionate, be yourself, be M鈥鈥nificent! Out of the many thousands of inspiring individuals who entered our contest, we found six who are truly 100% M鈥鈥nificent, transforming them into the faces of our fall colour collection. Celebrate your own STYLE, HEART and SOUL with M鈥鈥nificent Me!

M鈭橝鈭機nificent Me: Luzmaria & Tr茅sor

Be passionate, be yourself, be M鈥鈥nificent! Shop limited-edition lipsticks, blush and shadows from winners Luzmaria & Tr茅sor.

M鈭橝鈭機nificent Me: Selena & Vanessa
Show the world your true colours with an eye-catching new palette of Eyes x 9, inspired by winners Selena & Vanessa. Own your look!
M鈭橝鈭機nificent Me: Ben & Ji Won
Own the Look in limited-edition shades of Mattene Lipstick inspired by winners Ben and Ji Won, in deep black plum or purple, or keep on Strutting Fabulous in bright lavender or cool rose.
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