Mariam Khairallah

United Arab Emirates
Started in 2005

About The Artist


Mariam Khairallah鈥檚 love of makeup took her from her native Lebanon all the way to Dubai, where she now serves as a Global Senior Artist for the Middle East. Thanks to her bold style and precise execution, it didn鈥檛 take long for her to rise through the ranks, but Khairallah鈥檚 career didn鈥檛 always centre on makeup. Here, she explains how her creative calling became apparent while working as a tour guide in Beirut.

Ancient History

鈥淢y favourite part of working as a tour guide was explaining the history of the heritage sites that we would visit to the people who had travelled from far and wide to see them. Even then though, makeup was proving to be something of a distraction. Instead of listening to what I had to say about each destination, tourists would often fixate on my looks 鈥 asking for advice on how to recreate them at home. I decided then that I was in the wrong job and left soon after to begin my training as a makeup artist.鈥

High Drama

鈥淢y favourite feature is the eyes, which are a universe of emotions. To highlight them, I use Extended Play Lash and Eye Pencil in Coffee, which I use to line the waterline, then blend Quite Natural Pro Longwear Paint Pot over the lids. I guess you could say my style is gothic. Historic traditions, different cultures and beauty icons from the past are all important to me, and none more so than of the societies of the 19th century. Like them, I鈥檓 into looks that are dark, romantic, a little bit messy but always elegant.鈥


鈥淒espite my love of all things gothic, my favourite place to relax couldn鈥檛 be further away. I love the beach and when I go, I always make sure I am stocked up on sun protection: Prep + Prime Face Protect Lotion in SPF 50, as well as Prep + Prime Fix+ and Lip Conditioner. My past training in tourism has prepared me for a life of travel, and the best part of my job is not just having the chance to visit a few more beaches, but meeting so many interesting people. There鈥檚 a unique beauty in each of us. My aim as a makeup artist is always to enhance the natural features and bring out a person鈥檚 real character.鈥

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