Alexandra Spyridopoulou

Started in 1999

About Alexandra Spyridopoulou

Senior Artist Alexandra Spyridopoulou

is the Greek national and francophile bringing a pan-European feel to modern makeup practices. She might be loyal to her native Athens 鈥 and effuses about the local mezze and taverns 鈥 but she credits Paris with shaping her signature style. Her love of makeup began early, with an over-zealous application of her mother鈥檚 silver blue cream eye shadow (鈥淚 felt like a little princess!鈥) and led to a job working behind a M路A路Ccounter. Since then she has gone on to deliver makeup tutorials around the world. 鈥淵ou know what they say about us 鈥 once you go M路A路C you never go back!鈥

Makeup Olympiad

鈥淭he highlight of my career so far is participating in the Opening Ceremony of the 2004 Olympic Games in my home town of Athens! A M路A路C team of 45 Makeup Artists from all over the world executed the look of 350 artists, dancers, performers, athletes, volunteers and VIPs. The team was amazing, the atmosphere was very emotional and even though we were working for 18 hours, no one complained. I remember everyone in the end hugging and crying for the honour of having contributed to such a prestigious event!

Deep Rouge

鈥淭he product I instantly fell in love with was Ruby Woo Lipstick. And it remains the love of my life! The texture, colour and feeling of applying it can make my day! If I could only keep three products for the rest of my life I would definitely choose Ruby Woo, False Lashes and Spiked Eye Brows. With these I can create a classic look inspired by my favourite city in the world, Paris. Where else?鈥

Club Med

鈥淭he most popular trend in Greece is strong lips 鈥 dark colours during the winter and bright magentas and corals during summer. Mediterranean women love to emphasize their lips. Pro Longwear Lip Pencil mimics the natural lip colour. I鈥檇 recommend wearing it with Forecast Prep + Prime Highlighter, which adjusts to every Mediterranean skin tone and Mineralize Skinfinish.

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